Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthdays, Then (and Then) and Now

Will played with balloons on his first birthday, all by himself.
He toddled through our old kitchen,
then disappeared around the corner.

He blew out a solitary candle on his tiny carrot cake.
His little brother was still waiting in the wings in my belly.

For his second birthday, Will got a Cookie Monster cake--
a little bigger, this year (the boy and the dessert).

This time, he extinguished the candle all by himself.

He still spent some time alone with his balloons...

...but he was going to have to learn how to share soon enough.

This year, Will blew out the candle with too much gusto
(while I took this picture, Dave was shouting "MOVE BACK, BUBBA!")

And oh my goodness, does the kid ever have to share:

his spotlight, his balloons, his MILK even!

Funny enough, he didn't seem to mind.

And this year, as Will disappeared around the corner with his balloons,

he was chasing his little brother.

I think he'd say this birthday was his best yet.

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