Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boys of Summer 2011

Because I wasn't the primary (or any kind of) photographer at either of our beach vacations, I'll have to show you the bulk of what we did in August later...that is, when I get around to collecting those photos. Instead I'll share some quieter more down-home stories of summer with you:

The two above are Will and Finn playing a variation on Abby's "Fairy Game."
They call it "Airplanes!"
That's...the only variation.

This summer, Will figured out that Finny was someone to actually play with.
He likes to teach him words: "Finny, can you say AIR-PLANE?"
and congratulate him on his triumphs: "That was gooooooood eating, Finny!"
(with a slight tone of condescension, but what do you expect from an older brother?)
and show him how to do things: "Like this, Finny! 

Will reads stories to Finn--and to us, and to no one.
He basically memorized "The Berenstain Bears Go to the Dentist,"
and if you've never heard a 2-year-old say things like
"There was a tamper, a squirter, and--ULP!--a yanker,"
--with emotion--you are truly missing out.

 I include the above two because I think they're indicative of both
the similarities and differences between the boys' faces.
People are saying more and more how much they look alike.
I also get a lot of definitive, "They look like their dad, hunh?" and
an equal amount of, "They look just like you!" 

All of this is not to paint a portrait of perfect harmony. 
Will has definitely begun a steep descent into "the threes,"
marked by the realization that he can actually STAND UP during a time-out,
even if we tell him he needs to SIT DOWN.
This has led to some lengthy time-outs, some removal of beloved objects from his room,
and a lot of stifled laughter when he's doing his apologies and recounts
the time-out story: "And then I finally sat down."

A preschool update will be added by the end of this week.
It might have no pictures, but it's coming, I promise!

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The Welsien Family said...

To add my two cents: I think Finn is a bit more you and Will is a bit more Dave, but they definitely look like YOUR children (YOUR = you & Dave) and they definitely look like brothers! What a cute tag-team you've got there!