Monday, October 10, 2011

Preschool for Everyone!

On the first day that felt like fall, Will and Finn got into their warm gear
and got ready for school.

Of course, because Finn is my second kid, I forgot to prepare him
for dropping Will off at preschool.

When we got back into the car, Finn gestured toward Will's empty carseat
and said, "Where Will? Where Will?"

The first two days of Finny's drop-off playgroup confused him.
His (wonderful) teacher--he plays with four other toddlers in her home two mornings a week--
said he was crying off and on.

But by day three, he had begun his current routine:
cries in protest for 15-30 seconds when I leave, then he's "perfect" throughout the morning.
He's happily eating lunch when I come to pick him up, and he's never in a hurry to get home.

Will and Finn with Connor (far left) and Jack (far right)

Will has been loving his new preschool from day one. Just loving it.
It's a much more relaxed environment than his previous one,
and he barely acknowledges me when I leave, although he greets me excitedly when I return.

with Connor

I'm learning that Will's a typical boy in many ways.
Although he's extremely chatty, he talks way more about his toys and projects
than his friends at school--whereas the moms of his female classmates have told me 
they've heard a lot about Will from their kids.

"I'm the best convertible driver IN THE WORLD!" he proclaimed.

 These pictures are obviously not of Will at preschool, but they reflect how socially at-ease he's become.
I think Finny has a lot to do with his development--he really notices other kids now, and you can tell he thinks about how he's treating them. Sometimes his experience as a big brother makes him feistier and more physical than his friends (and I) would like, so it's not all sweetness and light.'s still a whole lot of that, too.

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The Welsien Family said...

Makes me really excited for mine to be a bit older! So sweet!