Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Day 2011

Boringly, every holiday post on this blog has to include the year in its title because...otherwise, how would Mrs. Pregnantbrain (that's me!) remember to look back in the 2011 archives when it's clearly 2012 already? Yes, I'm that much of a space case these days.* (Hey, remember when people said "space case"?)

Will was the first to wake up on Christmas morning, and he was definitely excited. I'm not sure he quite remembered why he was excited, or what he was supposed to do when he woke up, but still:

Does he not have the cutest bedhead ever?

Then Finny woke up and everyone opened stocking presents,
followed by Santa bag presents:

Will's black Mustang from Santa was declared "my favorite present!"

 Finny thought unwrapping gifts was cool, but as you can see...
he vastly preferred chowing down on pieces of the gingerbread house.

Then the boys got to work!

 Will had requested a robe, and he got one.
My mini-Hef!

 He adored this snowplow from his great-godmother, Aunt Kathy.

 And he also loved his dinosaur train from Great-aunt Ronni.

 Finny got his very own piggy bank!

 And some tub crayons; apparently he aspires to be in their next ad campaign.

In a totally magical, Polar Express-y moment, snow began to fall!
It was only the tiniest of flurries--small enough not to bother us, but big enough to see it falling from the sky. The boys watched out the window:

Then Nan and Mamp dropped by for a quick visit:

Here was our family of four as we prepared to pack up and hit the road for New Jersey,
which is a story for another (actually, my next) post:

*Best example of space-case-ness yet: I spent an hour an a half over the last couple of days looking for backup shams for our euro (square) pillows. Today I went into the linen closet and clapped eyes on...our backup shams for our euro pillows. That we've had forever, and use somewhat regularly. See? Space case.

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Kerry Mahoney said...

Love these pics and the commentary to go with them! Sales future for Finn -awesome! Definitely confirms that I miss the Noons and it's been way too long since I've seen the boys! Glad they enjoyed the holidays.