Friday, March 30, 2012


Whenever someone asks how the boys treat their little sister, I tell them they love her, and it's true.

Finn constantly asks to "snuggle Bridget?"
He also gives her impromptu kisses and wants to hold her constantly.

Here are the boys with their "It's a girl!" balloons
from Grandmom and Grandpop...yes, they've claimed the balloons as "theirs."

Finn also likes Bridget to "lie next to me!"
and "sleep with me!"

I also tell people that Will is less of a baby-lover and more of a teacher. He asks questions about Bridget, wants to know what she's doing and why. As you can see, he also has a knack for figuring out what she needs and helping her get it--we watched silently as the above sequence unfolded. Will opened his mouth so she'd do the same, put the pacifier in correctly, all as if it were second nature. In that last picture, he's making his embarrassed face; he looks like that when we make too much of a fuss over him, which we had just done by saying "What a wonderful big brother you are!" for the thousandth time. Sweet guy.

Finny's protective, too, but with less studied analysis, more unadulterated joy.
When he found Bridget on a blanket in the living room, he gleefully ran to her, crying "Bridget's right there!"

These boys are the best.

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Jan said...

As Finny would say: "So cute!"