Friday, April 20, 2012

From the Magical Minds of Will and Finn

He marched off along the path leading to my parents' house the other day, backpack secured to back, looking like a kindergartner. "Look at all these bee-yooo-tiful flowers, Mom!" he said, motioning toward my parents' lawn. "I never SAW flowers like that before!" Sometimes I want to bottle him up--Esprit de Will--and keep him forever like this: curious about everything, thoughtful, funny, and downright overjoyed by life.

Oct 9, 2011:
Will: Mom, do aliens talk?
Joanna: Nobody knows if they do or not, or if they even exist.
W: I probably think they are nice.
J: I think so, too.
W: I think they don't not have claws. They only have coats because if they go in a rocketship they go to other planets.

Mar 12, 2012:
J: You guys can watch a little TV while Bridget eats.
W: Mom, are you inviting us to watch Curious George?

Mar 15, 2012:
[Coming back from a walk past the golf course with a new ball for his collection]
"The only thing I say about this golf ball is that it's cleaner than EVER!"

Mar 28, 2012:
[Watching Dinosaur Train after apparently having listened to his mom's Valley Girl voice for too long]
"The conductor just showed us, like, basically a T. Rex!" 

[As he stands to put stickers on a paper bag while Finny sits quietly next to him]
"Why do I have to do all the work while the little brother gets the one seat?"

[Sitting on the toilet]
"I thought to myself, what's in my bladder? And then I said, oh, right, it's just pee!"

He wakes up from a nap with his plush cheeks even pinker than usual. His eyes are at their post-nap, half-mast best, sleepy and mischievous both at once. "I just napped!" he announces proudly, sticking out his plump belly. "Where's Will-Will? Look! My football guys!" He runs over to the plastic figurines and skids on his socks. "I'm okay. I'm okay. Just slipped." I scoop him up anyway, feel his superhuman heat, and I kiss his cheek hard, testing it just to make sure I'm not imagining how perfectly chubby it is. I wish I could gobble this kid up.

Last week, Finn hopped onto the glider, pulled the Boppy into his lap, tugged up his shirt and announced "I nursing my teddy bear." It was all very matter-of-fact. Poor Finny the teenager is going to kill me for posting that picture online.

He recently started interchanging "I'm just jokin'!" and "I'm just funny!"  It's awesome and hilarious. He'll sidle up to Bridget and give her a kiss, put his hand on her head and then pull it away, saying "Aww! She BIT me!" Then he'll give his signature low chuckle, and confess: "Naw, I'm jus' funny!"
These guys never cease to amaze AND amuse me.

Messing around with PhotoBooth...

The final three photos were taken on Marathon Monday, when temps were in the eighties even in the morning. Yay for an early start to summer!


Grandpop said...

It will be so great to see all of you. They are growing so fast.


Kerry Mahoney said...

I love hearing what they say! Thanks for sharing. Coming from the two of them, I always know it'll be genius!