Friday, May 18, 2012

Big Day for Bridget

We celebrated Bridget's christening last weekend. It was a lot of fun, and the little girl was pretty exhausted throughout. Which is understandable, considering this little ten-week-old monkey has an "awake" threshold of about twenty minutes during the day and one longer stretch of alertness after she's slept all day long. Anyway, I'll stop digressing. Here are some photos from the ceremony itself; more pictures from the party and family visits to follow!

Will was hanging onto the side of the font... Fr. Steve asked if he wanted a little of the holy water and splashed him!

Bridget was quiet and looked a bit puzzled as she was baptized.

Her dad, brothers and godmothers looked on.

Daddy lights the baptismal candle.

We join the procession out.

With godmothers Kerry (L) and Jen (R)

Will's BFF Connor surprised him by showing up at the church with Auntie Ceci, and they were happy to see each other and romp a little after doing a GREAT job during the ceremony. (Finny was very well-behaved, too.)

Bridget's fan base!

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Kerry Mahoney said...

What a beautiful day! Great pics, too!