Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pacifier Rejection

It appears that Bridget is my first in yet another way; she's my first baby to doggedly reject the pacifier. I've been trying for two and a half months, and she does allow it now and then...but this morning I tried to cajole her into taking it and she gagged, puked, and then threw up a few more times for good measure. I called our pediatrician's office, and the nurse suggested checking for fever (she had none) and letting her nap (she took one), and only making an appointment if she threw up again (she hasn't, so far). The nurse also posited that Bridget might just not like the pacifier, and that's what got me thinking. She spits it out regularly, she doesn't seem to require it to fall asleep--or at least, it doesn't help her fall asleep more quickly. So maybe we're done with them, already? 

A baby--
 wrapped in a swaddle--
 wrapped in an enigma--
--well, not quite.

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