Monday, August 13, 2012

Reunited in New Jersey

In mid-July, we went to New Jersey (and next door to Pennsylvania) for a family reunion on Dave's dad's side. Our drives went very smoothly; we did both trips at night, and while the boys staved off sleep for a good chunk of the evening, it meant that Bridgie was able to get all the z's she would have gotten at home. Ah, to be unconscious during a five-hour road trip...that's the life.

 On our way!

Brother and sister

A sports-oriented reunion at Pat and Vicki's

Finn and his beautiful cousins

 Family of five

 Family of...a lot more than five

 Swimming in their cousins' backyard

 More swimming

 Bonding with can you not love these photos?

And some video:

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Anonymous said...

Seeing the pictures and video of the reunion visit is special. We miss all the Boston Noon's.