Friday, August 17, 2012

Sports, Sweets, Swimming, Slides & Sleep

Alternate title: How I They Spent My Their Summer Vacation June and July

Will loved soccer and can't wait for the fall season to start:

Finny...uh, achieved substantial success with potty training (three days in a row!),
so he and Will (his coach) got make-your-own cupcakes at Treat:

 Too bad the boys didn't enjoy the cupcakes at all...

We splashed around with Kaben, Fiona and Skye at the pool:

(As always, please excuse my booming, right-next-to-the-microphone voice in the video)

 Finny spent many Wednesdays at Creative Movement,
and we even saw one of his BFFs, Jack:

He also canoodled with Natalie in her backyard:

 While Will and Abby finally made it official:

(Dave claims Susan and I were egging them on, but I swear--Abby picked out the tree under which they would tie the knot, and they both asked us what to say!)

That didn't stop Will from having fun with other (platonic, of course!) cute friends:
 Sprinklers with Catherine

 Waterslide with Connor

Finny showed off his derring-do with some full-immersion backward slides:

We went to the Curious George store with Mamp:

Finny took the opportunity to climb into the Snap 'n' Go basket during a shopping trip:

The boys usually end up looking like this at the end of the day...

...but they're not the only ones having fun:

 loving the jumperoo

 lots of rolling on the activity mat

chi-zilling with her bestie Grace

playing with Nan

Then we were off to Ohio! (To Be Continued)


LWF said...

SO cute!!! Need to come visit the munchkins before they get any bigger! I mean, Will looks like he's about to graduate high school already!!! Love you guys. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Man-o-man do those cupcakes look delicious.