Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Six Months Old. Six Months Old?!?

She'll become unbearably vain if all I ever do is write about how beautiful she is.

 But COME ON! If she doesn't have the cutest (and most constant) smile of any baby ever, 
I'll eat my shirt! Oh, wait.

Okay, okay, here are some non-beauty-related updates:

It's really cute to watch Bridget and her b-fri Grace together now--
they sit up and babble/squawk/laugh at each other.

She loves to watch expressions change, and she grabs faces to try and figure it out:
(Auntie Kerry's here)

You can always make her laugh with peek-a boo...
 ...or a huge grin and a funny noise...
 ...or a couple of tickles.

Will was crunching an empty water bottle in his hand today and Bridget could not stop giggling at him.

  Finny tickles her often, or cozies up to her on the activity mat, 
and then he announces, "She likes that!"
Or, even more adorably, Bridget will grab his arms or pedal her feet, clipping him in the process, and before I can say, "Bridgie, don't do that!" he'll reassure me, "I like that."

She sleeps from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. without interruption;
she loves her bottles but isn't much interested in purees;
she takes a 1.5-2-hour nap in the morning and then a catnap somewhere around 2:30 p.m;
she protests either Mommy or Daddy walking away from her (that's a new development);
she still uses a pacifier at bedtime but not during the day;
she scoots all around her crib and backwards on her activity mat;
she still spits up ALL THE TIME;

she loves her brothers and finds them endlessly entertaining.

And here's my happy little girl laughing:


Anonymous said...

That's one happy baby!!

She is beautiful!


Kerry Mahoney said...

So excited to see these pics - she is amazing!