Friday, December 7, 2012

And Then Came November (2012)

The soccer season ended later than usual thanks to some bizarre fall weather

Fiona, Coach Kevin and Will at the "medal ceremony"

Finny at a friend's third birthday party

And at his first ever dental checkup!

He did great, especially with big brother Will there to show him the ropes

Will routinely asks for mint-flavored stuff; Finn stuck with cherry

More snow, more hot chocolate, this time with marshmallows!

A quick girls' getaway was just what the doctor ordered

Will was the only boy at a (girl) friend's fifth birthday party, and he swam like a champ!

Grace and Bridget, BFFs as always, even when one is using the other as a chewtoy

Great night with Nikki and Emily (and our husbands) at the YMCA fundraiser

The tiger brothers! Now with a signature "tiger high five"!

Our baby girl is eating solids galore...

She's definitely a table food girl rather than a puree fan

Cheerios, sweet potato chunks, bread, banana--her pincer grasp gets quite a workout

When Dad walks in the door, Mom is chopped liver

And then there was Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

These are fantastic. The children are so beautiful!!