Monday, December 3, 2012

Bridget at (almost) 9 months

I forgot to say last time that Bridgie popped a tooth (her lower right in the front) and it's now jutting out quite noticeably. She went to the doctor today and measured at:

17-inch head (83rd %ile)
20 lbs. (80th %ile)
28.75 in. (88th %ile)

I've always said that B really reminds me of her oldest brother in sleep patterns, mannerisms, mobility, etc., and the similarities continue. Bridget is always cheerful and she's just begun signing "More" and "All done" like a rock star. She loves her table food and wants to eat everything we're eating. Everything. All parents have the things they're particular about and others they prefer to laisser faire. When it comes to food/allergies, I'm the latter, only because we've never had issues in our family and it's unlikely we will--although of course it's possible. I don't take risks, mind you--no honey before age one, nor any plain old cow's milk, but everything I've read about more allergenic foods like peanut butter say that as long as a severe allergy doesn't run in the family, you should introduce those in the first year. So, we do. (It makes life a lot easier, too, since I can break off pieces of omelette to feed Bridge in a pinch, or even not worry about pumpkin bread that has traces of chocolate in it--although I try to work around the chocolate chips when I'm feeding her!) All this to say, Bridget's had just about everything. But we're also sort of busy with the older boys, so we're going to try to actively focus more on table foods, steamed veggies and the like, and reduce her bottles--they're just so easy when we're in a rush, which is ALWAYS.

Bridget's cruising, climbing stairs, and she definitely recognizes her own name--Dave and I will say "Mama/Dada do it," and then "Bridgie do it," and she'll copy whatever we've done, whether it's drumming or hiding or clapping hands.

I was going to add a bunch of cute pictures here, but it looks like there's some error with my Blogger photo storage, so you'll just have to trust me that they're cute until I can find a way to post them!

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Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see Bridget and her family at Christmas.