Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Typical Conversation with Each Boy

With Will:

"Hey, Mom? You know how there used to be a wart on my hand over here? Well, you can still kinda see it, but mostly you can't. That's because it's camouflaged into the color of my hand."

"Uh...yeah, buddy, you're right."

"Mom, I'm going to tell you a joke. Ready? Okay: people lived a long time ago with dinosaurs. [Pauses, grins] I'm just kidding! They did NOT exist at the same time."

With Finn:

"Mom! This is a shark when it was a baby. And this is a mommy cat when she was a baby. When was Dad a baby?"

"The 1970s."

"Okay. [Sketches something with his crayons] I'm drawing Dad as a baby. When were you a baby?"

"The 1980s."

"Okay, this is you as a baby. When was Grandpop a baby?" [repeat ad infinitum]


Bridget: Ba-pa? Ba-pa? [pointing at Finn's backpack]

Finn: [in singsong voice to her] Gen-ius, gen-ius, you're a-a gen-ius!

And also:

Me: Are you getting dressed over there, Finny?

F: I'm just having a meeting...with my UNDERWEAR! Ahahahahahahahaha!


The Welsien Family said...

literally laughing aloud. hysterical. they are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your blog when 5 imaginations are running open loop. This is going to be interesting.

Love to all,