Friday, June 14, 2013

Bridget at 15 Months (and a little catch-up, too)

Are you ready to be bombarded by cuteness? Fifteen months is always my "Oh, wait, now I've fallen totally in love with you!" milestone. Do I have to reassure you that I love my babies prior to that point? No, you already know that. But fifteen months is when I fall IN LOVE, and it happened like clockwork again as Bridget's personality simply exploded and all her idiosyncrasies became intensely clear.

Here she is at thirteen, then fourteen, and now fifteen months:

Fourteen months, when she decided she was a climber and a daredevil, and when her hair became un-tameable:

We had to dismantle the music table because she climbed up and jumped off, bonking her head in the process.

Three crazy kids

The beginning of Bridget saying "Cheeeeeese" out loud when we turn a camera her way...a Noon for sure!

And these days, she's blossomed into our chatty chicky:

First pair of sneaks!
Her words to date include: Thank you, please (eeeeeze!--also means "more"), yummy-ummy, tickle-tickle, backpack (ba-pa), shoooooes, diaper, yessss (often a nod of the head without words), duh for done, this, cracker...and some others I'll think of as soon as I publish this post.

Next I have to get around to writing Bridget's birth story before she reaches the year and a half mark! And I will.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joanna for keeping us up to date. We love reading about them and are amazed at how fast they are growing.

Love to all,

The Welsien Family said...

Insane overdose of crazy cuteness! I can't believe what a big girl she is getting to be. I love watching her grow up (albeit from way too far away) and especially look forward to her "burden of love" years!