Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Bridget's first ice cream cone 
Celebrating summer with BFFs at Needham Junction
Ready for action!

Finn's first soccer season ended (he loved the sport AND the medal!)

Movie night!

Will's last day of preschool

Saying goodbye (for now) to great friends

Crazy fun playdate with old friend Ryan
We went off to Storyland for the second year in a row

First conscious Ferris wheel ride!

To jazz up the ride, Finn told me that every time we reached the top a tiger would come out of the air to eat us...

Humpty Dumpty and the boys

Passed out in a very strange (but snuggly!) position

Back home to chalk up the driveway

Wanting to be a preschooler like her brothers

We're trying to make sure our second and last summer as a family of five is as full and fun as humanly possible (while I cart around a big belly in 90-degree heat). So far, so good!

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Anonymous said...

What a special time you all are having!!