Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Finn Man

I know it happens to all two-and-a-half-year-olds who somehow turn into almost-three-and-a-half-year-olds, but Finny has matured so much in such a seemingly short amount of time.

Here he was on the first day of his second year of Toddler Tots:

This last one is him holding hands with one of his BFFs, who I still call Lala (Finn's first name for her) even though everyone including Finn himself calls her Natalie.

And here's Finn today at his last day ever of this wonderful program, after two years of thriving there:

 With Lala (sorry, Natalie!), nine months later and nine YEARS older (to my eyes)!

Finn is so independent now, it boggles me daily. He scared my parents last week by climbing into their car, closing the door behind him, and then buckling himself in--all before they'd even noticed he'd left the front steps. "Too competent for his own good," my mom declared, and I couldn't agree more. Although, is there really such a thing as too competent? That independence is what drove him to walk early, to potty train himself, and it's what makes him determined these days to name all the numbers he sees and to write his letters with precision. Okay, so some of that might also be inspired by competition as well. Still, say what you will about Finn, the kid's got ambition.

Because he still talks in a bit of a baby voice, it's hard for me to remember that he's also matured verbally and become so expressive and imaginative. He'll tell me that he met some friendly bears when he was playing in the basement, and that they found a cheetah together and ate it. You know, as you do. We watched Madagascar 3 the other night and he only whimpered a couple of times, asking me "When is the tiger going to stop being so grumpy?" He's starting to realize that Will might be bigger and know more, but that he isn't always the last word--this means their relationship is a bit tougher, but also growing up and into something that works for both brothers.

And Finn as a big brother...ohhh, my heart.

Loving too hard 
There's a diaper around her neck--he said "Look, Mom, she's Superbaby!"
An accurate representation of how Bridget feels about Finn


Anonymous said...

They are the sweetest and Finn is growing up just right.

We miss you all,

Kerry Mahoney said...

Superbaby - I love it! Finn just melts my heart. What a beautiful family!

Megan Bourque said...

It goes by so quickly. The sibling love photos are the best!