Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Twins! AND the Fourth and Final "Boy or Girl" Poll!

The twins at 6.5 weeks gestation, the day I found out about them in a routine dating ultrasound while Bridget struggled to get out of her stroller and I sat up in shock when two side-by-side sacs appeared on the screen.

Taking shrimpier shapes at almost nine weeks...

Snuggling at twelve weeks!
At the most recent ultrasound (16 weeks along), they were stacked vertically. Baby A (the bottom one) was doing actual somersaults, kicking and jostling Baby B (on the top bunk)--who slept coolly through the entire gymnastics performance. I wonder whether that small glimpse of their personalities will hold true on the outside?

We were stunned, thrilled, overwhelmed, incredulous, and we continue to cycle through all those emotions on a more muted scale as we wrap our brains (and belly) around these babies. 

The anatomy scan will happen at the end of next week, so I'm putting up my last ever (and most elaborate) "Boy or Girl?" poll on the blog so friends and family can vote on these fourth and fifth additions to the clan. And for the record, I have no intuition about the sexes of the babies whatsoever, so you're on your own!


The Welsien Family said...

I have never seen REAL twin sonograms before. It's so exciting! Congratulations on this double blessing ;)

Anonymous said...

We are very excited to see the twins forming their bodies and personalities already.

Love to all,

Kerry Mahoney said...

Thanks for sharing - amazing to see twins in an ultrasound picture! Glad I noticed your poll before you announce the news :)