Saturday, August 3, 2013

Party of Five

 Will is becoming quite the artist. His favorite is "drawing tractor trailers for Dad!" but he's branched out into houses, roads, pools and people lately (possibly inspired by our renovation project).

Finny went to Vacation Bible Camp with his beloved friend Henry; here are his siblings waiting to watch him perform on the last day.

Here are some pictures of Bridget looking devious and Cindy-Lou-Who-ish and very cute at just about sixteen months:

And this is our July 4th celebration at our friends the McGinns' house. We spent a while at their very successful homemade waterpark!

The night before, Dave took Will for the second year and Finn for the first time ever to the town fireworks show. They were so excited.

It was a great start to our last summer as a family of five.

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Anonymous said...

Tell me they aren't the cutest kids. They are growing up so fast.