Monday, September 2, 2013

Closing Out the Summer: July

Before we start digging into our pumpkin lattes, I want to recap a few tidbits from this crazy summer. Here's a visit from the Flemings in July:

Bridget got to use her favorite word, "baby," a lot on cute little Stevie!

Boys on the run

Full house for dinner!

Meanwhile, the current baby of the family has fully assumed her role as our little crazy-haired firecracker. If anyone was meant for the middle child position, it's Miss Bridget, who acts like she's been ruling the roost since before her big brothers came into the world.

July was also the month my three (oldest) kids all started to play together; it was so fun to watch them become a real trio of playmates over the course of the summer.


Kerry Mahoney said...

Bridget looks so grown up next to Stevie (who is adorable!). I think you guys might need a bigger pool!

Anonymous said...

That was some busy summer. They'll be ready for what's coming just around the corner.

Keep the news coming.