Wednesday, October 30, 2013

36 Weeks with the Twins

Here I am in all my glory!

Per the twin books' orders, I've spent this pregnancy more or less counting milestones. Making it to 24 weeks was huge in terms of viability, but of course as soon as I got there I looked ahead to 28. Then 32. Thirty-four was another huge milestone since research shows twins almost always avoid long-term complications when they're born past 34 weeks. And now we are past the 36-week date, which is the latest my books even discuss! (It's rare to have NICU time at this point unless there's an unforeseen complication.) 

Dave and I have had one personal target date, which is to make it past Halloween. Since he already shares his birthday with every trick-or-treater in America, adding two babies to the mix would be a bit overwhelming. (Dave wouldn't mind, since he's not exactly a limelight kind of guy, but would his birthday ever get attention again? Not likely.) And here we are, hopefully not jinxing it with this blog post, almost to November 1st.

I'm feeling fine, although I keep saying that after the babies arrive I'll look back and let myself truly realize what a physical burden this has been--right now I only feel lucky for having had no complications (knock wood) and being up and active this whole time (keep knocking!), if sometimes exhausted and definitely larger/slower than usual.

Mentally, I'm ready for these two hooligans. I think the older three are ready too:


Grandpop said...

A beautiful mother waiting for two beautiful children.

Lisa said...

Woo hoo! One more day! Some happy for you and the babies to be so healthy, and wishing Dave a HappyBirthday!