Sunday, January 5, 2014

LeapPad Reminder

I still haven't recorded Bridget's birth story here, much less the TWINS' from over seven weeks ago, nor have I found the time to put anything about Christmas up here.

Instead I need to post information that might be useful down the line for excitable, optimistic Future Me, who might forget what happened with the LeapPad, which was: Will asked for and received a LeapPad from my parents last Christmas (2012) (Thanks, Mom and Dad!). He enjoyed it the appropriate amount (not addicted, not indifferent), but I kept having to find the cord to hook it up to the computer to download apps and games and books--and meanwhile I'd have to research said apps/games/books to make sure they were educational or at least not coma-inducing--which parental involvement defeated one of the primary purposes of Will owning a LeapPad in the first place. Months later and he was still moderately entertained, but most of what he (and Finn, when allowed to partake) enjoyed about it was its built-in camera. As compared to a camera, however, the LeapPad is bulky, and it's extremely easy for your younger siblings to "accidentally" delete your pictures. I wouldn't have requested/allowed it to be requested if I'd known it would be used mostly as a camera, is my point. But I also wasn't willing to do the whole research-purchase-download cycle for each new app (life cycle of app: one week, tops).

A few months ago, the screen cracked, and being a not-incredibly-sensitive touchscreen, that meant the LeapPad was broken. We threw it out. (Sorry, Mom and Dad.) And now we've learned our lesson, which is not to buy/request/allow to be requested any "smart" preschool/early elementary electronica. Because I thoroughly distrust my ability to remember ANYTHING I learned between Nine Months B.T. (Before Twins) and sometime when I've regained my memory, maybe Twelve-Fifteen Months A.T., I'm logging it here for safekeeping.

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