Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Twins at Three Months

Anders and Hadley turned three months old on Valentine's Day.

Hadley wears 3-6-month outfits

Anders is already in 6-month sizes and has been for weeks now

I mostly feed them in this "Table for Two" passed down to us from a friend of Ceci's
Hadley started out as the stronger "tummy timer" but Anders is catching up

What I like to call Hadley's "unibrow skin" gets very dry, so I washed it and dab it with olive oil every few days--
hence the irritated skin above the gummy smile

Anders making one of his old-man-in-baby's-body smirks

Face-to-face tummy time
Have you noticed that they're always wearing bibs?
Hadley is the main offender in the spit-up category, but Anders sometimes surprises us.

Who, me?

Anders' mellow temperament persists--he hates having gas and he won't drink his bottle if he has anything in his diaper, but other than can put him down and walk away feeling confident he can entertain himself.

Hadley, on the other hand, seems to enjoy and demand interaction on a greater scale. In general, she has higher high and lower lows. She's much quicker to smile AND to cry.
Both babies have been sleeping through the night from 7:15ish in the evening until 6:30ish in the morning for a couple of weeks now. We moved them into their bedroom and out of ours (although they're still in their Rock 'n' Play cradles) one week ago and it's been great--and amazing to think we will never again share our room with our kids!

They have begun to like looking at each other;
they definitely light up when they focus on one of our faces, although their big brothers and sister are the greatest attraction of course.

They do three naps a day and I have them on a very strict schedule:
 7am bottle/9am nap/10am bottle/12pm nap/2:30pm bottle/4:30 nap/5:30 bottle/7:15 bedtime

Hadley chugs her bottles; we have to forcibly slow her down and burp her every ounce or two to prevent her Vesuvian spit-up eruptions

Anders sometimes has to be coaxed to take his last couple of ounces at each bottlel
they both take roughly 8 oz in each bottle for a total of 30-32 a day

It feels like we're out of the woods at this three-month mark. I can't wait for the next phase: less spitting up, more sitting up, reducing the naps to two a day so our schedule's more freed up--
all of this as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer so we can actually introduce these babies to the outside world!


John Noon said...

They are beautiful! Tell them GM/GP can't wait to see them.

Kerry Mahoney said...

I cannot get over how cute they are! Love to hear about their routines and personalities :)

The Welsien Family said...

Could not love this blog and bookmarking it for future reference on their schedule as of right now. You are aeriously impressive with your 5!