Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bridget's Naps: Age Two

A while ago, we had to move Bridget's nap from one or one-thirty to two; this way, we had a better chance of getting her to sleep a full two hours, and if she woke up earlier than that, at least it was not a huge gap between wake-up at 3:30 and bedtime.

It worked great for a while, but recently she's started to wake up in a bit of a sullen mood...and it goes downhill from there. As a baby, Bridget always woke up in a good mood, so this is startling in its total toddler-style intensity.

I've been trying to feed her immediately after her nap, but it's often not soon enough, aka, a straw in her mouth the second her eyes open. Today she did what we've warned her about on multiple occasions "if you keep making yourself cry": she threw up a little, after she [WARNING: GROSSNESS TO FOLLOW] gagged on her own snot.

So the next step to head off this behavior, which we suspect is related to low blood sugar, is to feed her just before nap--something with a little peanut butter or cheese so her levels don't spike or plummet while she sleeps. Hopefully it brings our girl a little closer to her typical sunny mood in the afternoon:

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John Noon said...

She is a beauty!