Thursday, May 15, 2014

Six Months of Noon Twins!

I posted the first picture to let everyone know that Hadley does, in fact, cry (as does her twin bro)--but as you can also see, she cheers up pretty rapidly:

Anderson's stats: 
Length:  28 inches (95th %ile)
Weight: 18 lbs. (60th %ile)
Head: Planetary
Eyes: Still blue, but they look like Finn's at this age, so it's a good bet they'll go dark hazel in a year or two
Hair: Darker than Will's blonde, lighter than Finn's brown, redder than Bridget's sandy color
Teeth: Nowhere to be found
Feet: Sasquatch would be alarmed
Favorite activities: Drooling, cycling his legs, cooing, shoving Hadley's hands and feet into his mouth, watching his big brothers and sister race around, rolling all around his crib, practicing his sitting, playing peekaboo
Predominant mood: "Heeeeeeey, man, how've you beeeeeeeeen?"

Hadley's stats:
Height: 26.75 inches (87th %ile)
Weight: 17.5 pounds (82nd %ile)
Head: Orbiting around Anderson's
Hair: Punk-rock tufts of dark-brown-transitioning-to-dark-blonde (at least on top)
Eyes: Green--will she be the one and only Noon to inherit Dave's eye color? Stay tuned!
Teeth: Still just rocking her bottom two
Feet: Surprisingly dainty
Favorite activities: Gumming stuff, babbling, grabbing Anders' limbs, smiling for the camera, jumping in the jumperoo, rolling out of tummy time, using her heels to scoot on her back, making eye contact with ANYBODY EVER
Predominant mood: "Hi! Is that a camera? Hi! Cheeeeese! Hi there! Are you looking at me? Are we TALKING? HI HI HI HI HI! I'm over here! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

And now for an absurd amount of pictures that are only slightly different from each other, 
but also so cute that I couldn't possibly choose favorites:

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