Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Middle Child

One thing I never worried about when I found out I was having twins (and I worried about just about everything else) was Bridget's place in the family. She was only thirteen months old when she accompanied me to that fateful ultrasound, but I already knew she'd be a glass-half-full middle child. Wants to rule the roost? Order the twins around. Feels like tagging along? Older brothers are happy to include you. (Although often she rules the roost in both directions, let's be honest.)

And sometimes now I feel I have to force myself NOT to give Bridget too much attention, because at this moment in time, tougher naps notwithstanding*, she is my first girl baby at my favorite age and she is SCRUMPTIOUS.

Recently Bridge has been reversing "who/what" (and their related pronouns) and "for/with." Not just confusing them, but reversing them consistently. At the train station the other day, she saw someone she (at least thought she) recognized--a stranger to us--and shouted "I REMEMBER THAT! I REMEMBER THAT!" while pointing excitedly at the woman. I thought it would be overkill to explain to this politely smiling stranger that she constantly asks "What's that?" referring to people and "Who's that?" referring to inanimate objects...!

And the for/with swap kills me--she'll say "Bridgie come a-runnin' for Mama?" meaning she wants to do my run with me, or "Daddy open my cup, drink last bits with Bridgie?" meaning she wants him to unscrew the lid of her straw sippy for her. It's delightful.

Here is Bridget modeling some of her summer duds (FINALLY!), all hand-me-downs from various generous relatives and family friends. When I say modeling, I mean modeling:

*Two days so far of success with: snack right before nap, milk and a story in her room right after the green light goes off on her alarm clock, then snack downstairs while she continues to wake up. Today if all goes well, I can start calling it a pattern per Ceci's three-day paradigm!

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Kerry Mahoney said...

Oh my gosh, she is soooooo adorable! Those pictures in the green top and jean capris are especially fantastic. I also love how she calls me Uncle Kerry :)