Monday, June 2, 2014

Twin Christening Weekend, Vol. I: Together Again

Finny and Anders say "Welcome, family!"

Just us girls
Cousins Brendan, Michael and Will
Megan holding Hadley
Uncle Kai and Bridget

Jenna, Finn, Will and Brendan examining hockey stickers

Jenna, Brianna, Finn and Bridget mesmerized by the phone

Lots of love for Uncle Kai


Like godfather, like godson

Grandpop and Anders, together at last!

Cousins dinner

The (big) boys

Emma holding Anders

Silly Uncle Kai!

All ears at the baptism rehearsal

Aunt Jean and Hadley

Aunt Jean and her godson

The twins with all four godparents (very color-coordinated, too)!

Aunt Jean and Uncle Kai with godson Anderson

Auntie Lo and Uncle Jay with goddaughter Hadley

Uncle Jay and Hadley match!

Grandmom holds Anders!

Snuggle time with Emma

Grandmom works her magic on sleepy Hadley

Bridget's best buddy

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