Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twin Christening Weekend, Vol. II

The christening pictures will be all jumbled up chronologically because it's the last week of preschool, so there is no time to cut and paste them into the correct order!

Dave holding Hadley

Dapper Anders

Proud Grandmom and Grandpop

Uncle Kai and Aunt Jean holding godson Anderson

Three wonderful, beautiful cousins

Father Steve baptizes Hadley

Bridget wanted to be close to the action

Anders is baptized

Both babies were calm and wide-eyed throughout
Uncle Christian and his baby Emma
Mamp with Finn and Bridget

The Great Willsby

The Colantoni crew

The Philly Noons

Uncle Kai and Aunt Jen

Cousin love

Uncle Chris with potential future daughter-in-law Hadley
Bridget in the dress Will picked out for her :-)

Babies L to R: Emma Bellefontaine, Hadley, Anderson, William McGinn

Auntie Kerry, Emma, Dave and Bridget (her goddaughter)

Bridget loves baby Emma

Uncle Jay and goddaughter Hadley

Auntie Lo and Uncle Chris with baby John
Eleven cousins!

The whole (Noon)  family
(missing cousin Kylie)

Almost the whole (Freeman-Solman) family
(my sister's family hadn't arrived yet)

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