Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Catch-up: November and December

November began with a great Providence weekend with my playgroup moms; I didn't get many pictures because we were all basically hiding inside our jackets to stay somewhat warm/dry, but we did a winery tour, a private banquet, and then some continued to dance and karaoke...I wish I could say I was one of them, but I chose door #2, which was a bed and hotel room to myself for the night.

Bridget's personality seems to amp up every twenty-four hours these days.

Hadley joined Anders in her cruising capabilities, which increased both of their fun:

We had our first hot cocoa when the timing was right:

Then December came, and with it a truly epic stocking display in our home:

And a great night making bows for our preschool fundraiser!
(I promise my basement looked a lot nicer/dimmer/more festive in real life--I had Elf playing muted on the TV, Christmas songs playing, and everyone brought way too much wine and food--it was lovely.)

Bridget went skating with the boys and Dave for the first time:

Will's cold-weather routine after he gets off the bus: race me to the house, eat a snack while he reads Highlights or Sports Illustrated for Kids.

I know why the caged tree sings--it's saying "Why must you cover up my lush, symmetrical beauty with this pet gate?" Hopefully that was the last time we had to baby-proof it!

"Hadley is my BEST sister."

Finny performed in his final preschool holiday show,
and the whole family came to watch.

And Bella came on the 23rd to celebrate the start of Christmas vacation!

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John Noon said...

What a great collection of photos. Love in every picture.