Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finn and Bridget: The Preschool Kids

Finn started his last year of preschool in September, and Bridget started two toddler programs so she wouldn't have to spend every morning in the house with me and two napping babies. It has been great all around. 

Finn and Bridget are my typically-spaced kids. They are two years and six-ish weeks apart, and it shows. They love each other, and then they gripe at each other. Bridget demands that Will (who is kind to her, but often uninterested) be the one to hold her hand/help her with her jacket/unbuckle her seatbelt; five minutes later, she's whimpering because Finny didn't give her a hug. Likewise, Finn adores Bridget...until she dares to act more like an equal than a baby, at which point he grabs things out of her hands, barks orders at her, and expresses dismay at her not following his bossy directions to a T.

 Finny's preschool class is the same as last year, and they get along like magical, possessed pod people. They are all so loving and kind to each other. When they reunited the other day after winter break at a birthday party, the mom of the birthday girl reported that "They would have just kept sitting there, catching up for hours." They all act like they've been friends for decades--they honestly seem like people who've retired to the same nursing home and we (the parents) are their grown children whose visits they appreciate, but we're going to get back to bingo now, thanks for stopping by!

 Bridget is in a phase where she says "_______ is my best friend EVER!" about a new person every day, sometimes more. It's actually adorable, since all these people are her school friends and she does really enjoy their company. She comes from a long line of people who don't just want to have friends, they want to talk about their friendships as if it's riveting intel. But again: very cute.

Hopefully I'll catch up and be somewhat current with these posts in 2015!


Megan said...

Such cuties!

Kerry Mahoney said...

Those outside pics of Bridget with her backpack just kill me. So cute!