Friday, January 9, 2015

Halloween 2014 (Yep, belated again)

First we journeyed to Volante to pick out our pumpkin:

The pumpkin-carving got rather solemn:

 Getting ready for trick-or-treating:

We had an Eagles football player, Iron Man, Tinkerbell, a gorilla and a jack-o'-lantern. A motley gang, but as I'm resolved to never buy a Halloween costume again, it'll be that way for the foreseeable future!

We went to our friends' house to meet up and then walk around their neighborhood. I think it will be our last year doing so, which is bittersweet, but the truth is that Will has amassed a lot of close friends in his short time in kindergarten, and next year Finn will join him at the elementary school. These school friends live even closer to us, and it'll probably be a natural transition to trick-or-treat in our/their neck of the woods next year. But this was still a fun last blast!

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Kerry Mahoney said...

That pic of Will, Finn, and Bridget on the front steps in costume... Bridget looks like Bella!