Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever!


My dad and Dave played with the boys while I helped my mom cook--
although she still did most of the cooking.

Clearly, some people crashed hard in the early afternoon.

Then we ate!
This was our wedding china's inaugural supper,
after four years of being ignored.

 After dinner, the boys ran themselves ragged and took Mampy down with them.

(Note the red faces and sweaty hair.)

It was a small celebration--only six (and a half) people--
but with delicious food and great company,
and we didn't have to leave our cozy home!

*I realized this is the first picture I've put up here that shows my belly (24 weeks tomorrow).
As you can see, it shot right out at the four-month marker and hasn't looked back.
I also think I'm carrying a little high this time--most shirts make my upper body look like one big shapeless entity, with my shoulders and rib cage and baby all merging together.
Maybe this means I'm having a girl? Or, you know, quadruplets?