Wednesday, May 29, 2013

While Rather Morbid, Still Quite Cute

Will, earlier this month:

"I'm going to tell you a secret that only my school friends and my plain old friends and you can hear. Okay? [Whispers] I'm going to have a party with my school friends at school for all the people that died to make them not sad anymore. And we're going to have a big cake and a puppet show! It's not that hard to make a puppet! You just stick your hand in there like this [puts his hand behind his stuffed dalmatian] and I'm doing with Dukey!"

Me: "Okay, so you're having this party for the people who KNOW someone who died...or for the people who actually died?"

"For the people who died, so they're not sad anymore. Like Uncle Bill."


And later that day: 

"Mom, did you know that once a bee stings you, it dies?"

"The bee dies? Yeah, I did know that."

"Yeah. Sad."