Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fly Boy

Things we learned this past weekend:
1. Will was teething before, but he wasn't TEETHING. Now, he is TEETHING. Note the distance from mouth to hands; it is a new rule that his chewable fingers can never be more than three inches from his inflamed gums. Just in case.

2. Will loves the pool. He wants to be in the pool, and he wants a kickboard, and he wants to stay there FOREVER. (Look how serious he is about his kickboard.) He also wants to dunk his face into the water repeatedly, nevermind the lack of oxygen, because that's what Daddy does.

3. For the past ten months, every time we got him into the Bjorn or our arms and Will began to run in place, Dave and I always figured he was a) dancing, b) rejoicing, c) escaping or d) purposely kicking us in the stomach. Now we know he was swimming, and he was determined to do it with or without the water. But preferably with.

4. Will puts the "friendly" in "flying the friendly skies." He particularly likes playing with the window shades, although he's also happy to flirt with fellow passengers, laugh at pictures of their pets when they share their Blackberrys with him, fall asleep promptly at takeoff and stay that way until the final descent, and rack up compliments like "What a good baby!" and "He must fly a lot!"
I know it's obnoxious to dwell on what a great traveler he was, but after Will had his first ever "I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed right smack in the middle of the night" episode last week (did I mention the TEETHING?), I think we're entitled to a little accentuating of the positive.

The flight out was his favorite because he got to sit on his Nan's lap, which brings us to #5...

...Will really loves his whole Ohio family, but he especially loves his Nan.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten Months of Discovery

My moms' group friend Inger took this picture (one of a series I'll post later this week), and although it doesn't have any green-eyed close-ups or chubby-cheeked smiles, it's the best photo I've got when it comes to describing Will. (Whew, that was some sentence.)

William has always been active, stubborn, determined, but there is a larger category under which all these characteristics fall: curiosity. He doesn't persevere because he's rebellious or scale the furniture because he's got restless leg syndrome; he wants to know everything about everything, and he'll teach himself if you are unwilling.

It's funny to think that I was once worried about Will finding a place in his heart for books--not surprising, because as a first-time mother I'd find something to fret about--but funny because Will is an equal-opportunity explorer. Of course he's interested in books. He's interested in paintings, wheels, carpet, doors, buttons, zippers...he's fascinated by ceilings, for pete's sake!

Keeping up with Will's near-tireless quest to understand his surroundings is a demanding task, but watching his inquisitive mind (and body) make sense of the world is an unparalleled delight. Thanks for a great first ten, buddy. Sheer end-of-day exhaustion never felt so good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Boy? Girl? Monkey? Vote Now!

Between a bout of Midnight Madness caused by Will's insidious fifth and sixth teeth coming in and our long and sunny and wonderful and pool-filled weekend in Ohio, there's been a lot going on, but I wanted to make sure and get this Boy-Or-Girl poll up before posting pictures and stories.

The last day to vote is Friday, August 14 (when two certain somebodies are getting married!), and we'll find out, baby permitting, the following Monday.

Now, I don't mean to be critical, but you guys did miserably last time, voting 63% in favor of a girl! While I have a very strong feeling in one direction this time around, and my favorite nurse agrees with me, I'll give nothing away. Vote over in the left column when you've made your decision!

Finally, thank you for all the "Happy 29th" messages! The day itself was a colorful one (see Midnight Madness, teething, etc. above), but all of your birthday wishes and treats helped to turn things around in no time (see fabulous weekend in Ohio, also above). I appreciate it tremendously--thank you.

Now go vote!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Months with Baby Two

Three months, four days, wardrobe by Tomsey Trucking
It's time for belly photos! Here's three months with baby #2. I was joking with Lauren the other day that I was all committed to "lunar months" when I was pregnant with Will--that is, four weeks equaled a month, twenty weeks equaled five months, so that I ended up being ten months pregnant. And it was silly.

Yes, I felt like I was ten months pregnant--I think we all do as we watch that due date (and the number on the scale) creep up. But I wasn't; I just liked counting that way so I could say I was six, seven or eight months pregnant before I actually was.

Not this time! In this picture, I am 14 weeks and 3 days and 9 minutes and 14 seconds and WHO CARES. The point is, I'm sure we will all have a fine old time watching me balloon into oblivion again...

Meanwhile, Bee and Mark are hoping their little one makes an appearance sometime soon, and I am selfishly hoping for TODAY. You can do it, Baby Power!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Empty Comments Section

As much as I appreciate all the congratulatory texts, phone calls, even emails, we need a few COMMENTS! That post looks so lonely up there...and all day yesterday, Dave admitted that he kept checking for comments with no luck. I know this is Baby Numero Dos, but c'mon, we need some bloggish evidence of the excitement for the record books!

(Those of you who still can't figure out how to comment, you are forgiven. You still have to vote on the poll when it's posted, though!)

(And seriously, thanks for all the congrats, whatever form they took.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mysteriously Looking Forward to January

It's finally summer in Boston!
Time for Will to crawl around with no pants on and sport a spiky
Dennis the Menace hairdo like his dad's:
And yet in our house, strangely, we find ourselves looking forward to January.
It makes no sense. It's cold in January! It's slushy, and we stay inside all day. It's past the holiday season. What could there possibly be to look forward to?
Oh, right. We get to meet our second baby sometime around January 18.
That must be it!
(New boy-or-girl poll to appear shortly--vote soon because we'll find out in a few weeks!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Open Letter to Our Recent Visitors:

We'll do anything you ask!

Aunt Joanna will keep her hair in a ponytail when we go on the Tall Ships!

We'll give Brianna some of William's teeth until she gets hers in again!

Will promises to look even more like Brendan as a baby!

(He also says he'll continue to make out with his reflection in the fridge.)

See? Look at this perfect angel!
Will claims he will never try to poke Brendan in the eye again.

Who else is as good as Jenna at pushing William in the swing?

Uncle Scott, you can snooze with Barbara the Bear anytime!

Everyone can camp out in the playroom again...

...and since you're cousins, Will doesn't even have to cover up in front of you!

Jenna could finish teaching a certain someone how to walk.

Will can finally figure out what that fascinating thing on Brendan's shirt is.

Uncle Dave already misses his nieces and nephew...

...and with the girls teaching Will how to read
and Brianna organizing his books,
Uncle Dave didn't have to lift a finger!

(We tried to convince this one to stay and be our nanny.)

The only consolation for your departure was the arrival of
the lovely Auntie Amy, also from New Jersey (because who isn't?):
William would like to say that he will get back in that empty diaper box if you'll hurry back.

Have you noticed that Will is smiling in all of these pictures?

It's like he knows how lucky he is to have this family and these friends.
Thanks for the wonderful visits! We miss you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drinking Problem

Auntie Amy visited at the beginning of this week, so I'm still posting older pictures until I get all caught up.

Here's Will attempting sippy cup dexterity. We've been giving him a cup to explore for months now, but he is Not Interested. I mean, he's interested in tipping it over, but not in actually drinking from it. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Touchy, Touchy

We've said it from the start: William's a tactile learner.
OK, he's a tactile PERSON.

Here he is manning the gearshift:

(We were parked at a rest stop. The car is OFF.)

And wielding the slotted spoon like a poor man's sceptre:

Anything to keep the guy happy in confined spaces.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Found My Thrill

I'm still catching up with posting the latest pictures of Will now that we are past the Month of Sickness. It's really nice to breathe through my nose again, and Will's close to full recovery too.

Here are some shots of a boy and his blueberries:

Making a break for it:

When the Colantoni cousins visited last weekend, they got to see Blueberry Face firsthand.
"He's soooooo messy!" was the common refrain.

Oh, yeah. Welcome to my laundry pile, kiddos.

Monday, July 13, 2009

He Ain't Heavy...

William spent his first nine months aerobicizing in my belly and the next nine steadily growing out of the Bjorn. It wouldn't be such a big deal if Will could be restrained with any other contraption, but he quickly tires of the high chair, the car seat and the jumperoo. He doesn't mind the stroller, but around the house we are harrassed with the "UP!" grunts and sign language unless we lift him up to our level.

I can no longer cart him around in the carrier (have you seen the Boost Mobile commercial in which an older man is carrying a younger and fully-grown man in a Baby Bjorn? That is what it looks like when I try to strap Will to my body. It is ridiculous and not my back's favorite activity), but he still goes for a ride with Dave on occasion: