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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Twins: 8 and 9 Months

The twins turned eight months old in New Jersey last month, 
so here they are at Aunt Jen and Uncle Kai's house:

Because Anders started to properly crawl on his eight-month birthday (he now only hitches one leg up to crawl when he's on hardwood or tile), and found that he enjoyed mobility very very much
it got a little tough to take their monthly pictures.

And this month, it was even harder:

I always said I'd be so pleasantly surprised by a baby who went through that mythical (to me) "content to sit and play" stage between six and nine months. And I finally got one! Of course, her twin brother is exactly like his older siblings in that he compulsively travels all day long, so I don't do much appreciative gazing at Hadley. Alas.

Nine month measurements:
Anderson is 30 inches long (98th %ile) and 22 lbs., 11 oz. (70th %ile); this is the same as big brother William's 9-month measurements down to the ounce--how's that for creepy genetics at play?
He crawls, pulls to stand, cruises, babbles, spits up like a maniac (probably because he digests all his meals on the go). 

Hadley is 28 inches long (65th %ile) and 22 lbs., 3 oz. (80th %ile). Because she's substantially smaller than Anders, she's wearing a lot of his 9-month hand-me-downs. I guess maybe she will be a "future quarterback" someday! Stranger things have happened.
Hadley doesn't crawl; she rolls to get places and is getting much better at holding herself up to stand, but like I said: just not that interested in finding new ways to move. A new breed of Noon baby!
She babbles a lot too and has launched her first signature joke: she bites the spoon that feeds her and looks mischievously at us until we exclaim "Are you BITING the spoon?" 
Then she laughs and it's the best.

Anders now has his front bottom left tooth and half of the right has come through; he also has the top front right coming through.
Hadley has all four front teeth in, and the ones on either side on top are coming through. Now I'm really done!