Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter of Insanity

Well. This winter is...really something.

We thought we had it bad then!
It's been snowing on a daily basis (DAILY) for a month now. Noteworthy news happens when it's NOT predicted to snow--which happened this weekend! A snow-free 7-day forecast (the 10-day forecast included snow, because come on, this isn't OVER yet!) meant we celebrated and some of us (me) got out our planners and started optimistically looking toward March. Yes, it's still in the teens all the time, and all memory of temperate weather has been erased, but no snow! Hallelujah!

And then this morning: four inches predicted overnight. That total has since been reduced, but the wind taken out of everyone's sails was just palpable. Oh. Snow.

The logistics of five kids under seven in this climate are pretty overwhelming. There are a few factors.

1. With every single baby I had, after the first few months there was an upward trajectory toward "easier." The next month was easier than the last; the second year was easier than the first. With twins (and having asked around, this seems to be with twins regardless of birth order or number of children total), the line goes back DOWN on that "easier" graph. This is what my friends with twins looked like when I asked if their second winter with twins was basically as hard as their first:

Soooo...that's a yes, then?
From carrying them in their inexplicably slippery snowsuits up and down our front steps to getting them in and out of strollers while fat snowflakes fall on their heads and the stroller's wheels hardly churn through the slush while you force your way into the ain't pretty. And because I thought this winter would be easier, it's a harder pill to swallow.

2. Bridget is a toddler. A potty-training, temperamental almost-three-year-old with a penchant for mind games, to be specific. She's also so cute that I've become one of those moms who laughs when her kid does something mischievous. No! I swore to never be one of those moms! But sometimes I can't help it. Like when she was playing instead of napping and she ambled over to her closet and donned two dresses--a long-sleeved dress over her play clothes, and a short-sleeved wool jumper on top of that. When I came in to sternly reset her nap clock, she shot me a dazzling smile and said, "Mama, I put these dresses on all by myself! Yaaaaaay, Bridgie! I'm so proud of Bridgie! I hadda put this on, Mommy, because I'm so warm and cozy!" She will do one thing in the potty, 100% of the time as of a week or two ago, but the other thing--while she has complete control over its timing--still happens in Pull-Ups. I know we will get past this and I won't even remember stressing about this, but right now I just want winter to give me a break and have my kid magically and perfectly potty-trained in every aspect. So that I can level up to only changing two children's diapers. Wow, my bar is set low these days.


3. Past the logistics, twin emergent toddlers is tough. I'm so lucky to have these small fries, trust me that I feel this every minute of every day. But. These are two very different babies who happened to share special womb time for nine months. Hadley will probably want to nap twice a day until she is six. Bags appear under her eyes an hour after she wakes up--no joke. Anders is like my other boys and could power through with maybe a catnap in the car all day.

Okay, I can't even complain about them anymore because they are so intensely adorable. They've started making each other laugh, which is the most shockingly awesome thing I've ever seen. Anders gives Hadley hugs and kisses, which she mostly tolerates (although it's a little scary to have your significantly taller twin brother swiping at you with his still-developing motor skills on full display). He throws everything he can get his hands on, mostly while emitting a giant bellow that is what I imagine testosterone sounds like when it gets fired up for the big game. And Hadley is a people person. She looks expectantly at everyone she sees as if to ask "What will you do to make me laugh? I'm so ready to laugh, always. Give me a reason!"

Well, this was supposed to be a rant about winter and a commemorative blog post so I'd always remember having survived, but I guess it's devolved into sappy love stuff. Speaking of which, take a gander at my big boys:


 I especially miss them when they're sleeping. Here's to no more blizzards and temperatures in the twenties until spring! (I told you I set the bar low.)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Christmas at Home, 2014

We don't have a lot of pictures from Christmas morning, particularly no great gift-opening shots, but that's because we have twin toddlers this year and holy mackerel, there are just no hands left to take any. I'd like to remember it as "We were having too much fun to take pictures," so hopefully if I frame it that way here, there will only be rose-colored memories to enjoy later!

On the lookout for Santa

Bella slept over on the 23rd--I hope it becomes a Christmas Eve-Eve tradition!

Watching Christmas cartoons in our bed on Christmas Eve

Santa came!

Merry Christmas!

We started the morning "just" the seven of us, then were joined by Nan and Mamp

Then we headed to my sister's to continue the party

Cousins galore!

Joe gets mobbed
The whole gang!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fall with Friends

Finn and his preschool friends pose with their scarecrow
Examining their pumpkin (with Caley)

Will and two of his best friends from KASE, Bruno and Yahav, and their miraculous Tower of Cups 

Will and Abby, still going strong

The smaller Noon-Orr power couple
The Noon kids plus birthday boy Johnny

Will and Bruno at a trampoline party

I hate the current association with the word "Isis," so I'll call this a picture of my original moms' group, also still going strong with 21 babies between us! #blackjack
Finn and Jack celebrating Brogan's birthday with the man of the hour
Will doing quiet reading at KASE with his long-time preschool friend, Brooke
Yoga Wednesdays! Gotta love Needham.

Hadley was a dramatic playmate for the adorable Emma (Kerry and Christian's daughter).

Bridget was better-behaved... was I!
I got some cuddle time with Aya too, but her sleeping on mama Lisa's shoulder was a better picture!

Bruno, JB and Will in front of another creation
Entertained at Finn's swim class by his cool older buddies
Bridget looooooves Claire (who happens to be the little sister of one of Finny's best friends, Abby)!