Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bubble Boy

The best part of Christmas? Why, the bubbles, naturally!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Noon is Coming to Town

Dave is home today!

In celebration of the beginning of our Christmas, I had an appointment at my obstetrician and then ran errands--by myself! And I have to tell you: I felt free as a bird. Thoughts kept going through my head like, "Wow, that's a bitterly cold wind--good thing I don't have to carry around thirty pounds of boy and parka in this snow!"

I don't know whether that's a reflection of my sunny, glass-half-full outlook OR my sad life attached at the hip to a toddler. Since it's Christmas, I'll go with the former.

We have a busy holiday ahead of us, so I probably won't be able to post again until the New Year. I leave you with a new poll (TO THE LEFT) asking you to predict our second son's birthweek. If you need "something to go on," I'll remind you that early labor with Will began 4 days before my due date, real labor started the following day, and he was born 2 days before he was due. Do with that what you will!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

36 Weeks, Then and Now

On the left, 36 weeks with Will. On the right, 36 weeks with Nooner 2.

(I wish I could blow up the photo on the left, but I suppose there was a reason I was taking it from such a distance. I mean, WHAT WAS I EATING in 2008? Whatever it was, why did no one stop me??)

The side-by-side comparison makes me wonder if all those obnoxious "Looks like twins!" commenters were not, in fact, teasing me, but were instead truly concerned that I was carrying multiples and didn't know it. And how delusional was I when I deemed those 3/4-length skintight leggings appropriate attire for that body?

Anyway, enough incredulous ranting about The Great Belly of Yesteryear. The report (from the doctor) on Baby 2 is: head down & moderately low, heartbeat good & strong, my blood pressure's fine & dandy. The report from me is more along the lines of: Ooh, ouch! And also: Must you pummel my sternum with your (inevitably monstrous, weaponlike) feet? Concluding with: If you are already over 8 lbs., please plan to exit within a week, or, you know, never. Hey, thanks.

Also, at 36 weeks with Will, I wrote in my pregnancy journal something like "Your dad finally hung up the curtains in your nursery, so it's officially done...at last! Whew!"

Hm. Well, Baby 2 has a crib. Sure, the plastic's still on the mattress. As are three paintings, two duvets, a batch of newborn diapers and some miscellaneous overflow from Will's closet. There's a...bookshelf in there (the room, not the crib). And a little table with nothing on it. Oh, and a set of drill bits, because nothing says "Welcome home, Baby!" like DeWalt accessories.

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Favorites from the Will Files

1. My new remote control fire engine,
thanks to Aunt Jean, Uncle John, cousins Megan & Michael.

2. Pretending the monitor is a phone
(from the Zack Morris era, perhaps?)
and saying "Ohh?"with it held to his ear.

3. Maxin', relaxin', all cool--with his fly half-unzipped.
(Ahem, you might want to go one size larger, sir.)

4. His makeshift pajamas:
a combination of cousin Joe's
hand-me-down "HUNK" shirt
and some flowy parachute-style bottoms.

5. Frozen blueberries,
for the soothing of emerging molars.

Or did a squid just explode in my mouth?
Who can tell?

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Month to Go

In all my glory...

I'm glad I took this picture so I could see just how much dust has accumulated on our full-length mirror. Maybe it creates an airbrushing effect? Yeah, I'd better not clean it quite yet...

Things are progressing just fine. I think they'll check the baby's position at my 8-month appointment later today, so here's hoping this guy's aimed in the right direction.

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled Will-centric posting sometime next week!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Honor of the Holidays

Here are a few of Will's favorite things:

Retrieving Mama's shoes;
helpfully placing them on top of her feet.

Jumping on Dada's back;
demanding a ride by shouting "BAA!"

Finding our stash of extra keys;
attempting to unlock doors from the inside.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009: A Poem

His grandparents got him (huge) new shoes;

on Dada's lap he read the news.

Then for some playtime he was beggin'...

...so he played dress-up with cousin Megan.

He galloped on his Grandpop's back--

--played with the Colantoni pack--

--and ate spaghetti, roughly speaking,

then found the ballgame he'd been seeking.

And after a week of play so taxing,
he finally made time for some relaxing.