Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas 2012

Rudolph says Merry Christmas Eve!

The elves and Santa worked hard that night:

Santa and his reindeer fleet munched on our annual gingerbread house:

Then it was Christmas morning:
"Matchbox cars! Just like I asked for in my Santa letter!"

 Bridget dunks in our new hoop, courtesy of Santa:
Finny was happy to see Santa had also given him a basketball and a football, which he had asked for:

Bridgie is almost always happy anyway:

 One last-minute request for Santa from Will was an Eagles helmet.
"Why do you want an Eagles helmet?" I asked him.
"Because Eagles is such a strong word," he'd replied. "Sorry we won't be on the same team, Finny!"
(To which Finn said, "Tom Brady and me are gonna TACKLE EVERYBODY!")

 We went to my sister's for lunch after Bridget napped:
Nan with Cosmo

Cousins in matching PJs!
Joseph, nearly 9; Will, 4; Finn, nearly 3 (Cosmo, roughly 8 months?)

And finally we headed to New Jersey to participate in a crazy shirt party:

 Spending time with the Noon clan: