Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fall with Friends

Finn and his preschool friends pose with their scarecrow
Examining their pumpkin (with Caley)

Will and two of his best friends from KASE, Bruno and Yahav, and their miraculous Tower of Cups 

Will and Abby, still going strong

The smaller Noon-Orr power couple
The Noon kids plus birthday boy Johnny

Will and Bruno at a trampoline party

I hate the current association with the word "Isis," so I'll call this a picture of my original moms' group, also still going strong with 21 babies between us! #blackjack
Finn and Jack celebrating Brogan's birthday with the man of the hour
Will doing quiet reading at KASE with his long-time preschool friend, Brooke
Yoga Wednesdays! Gotta love Needham.

Hadley was a dramatic playmate for the adorable Emma (Kerry and Christian's daughter).

Bridget was better-behaved...
...as was I!
I got some cuddle time with Aya too, but her sleeping on mama Lisa's shoulder was a better picture!

Bruno, JB and Will in front of another creation
Entertained at Finn's swim class by his cool older buddies
Bridget looooooves Claire (who happens to be the little sister of one of Finny's best friends, Abby)! 


The Welsien Family said...

It was so great to see you - thanks for making time for me and Aya! Some day...who knows when?!...it will be great to both of our whole families together. A friend can dream!

Kerry Mahoney said...

I love the dramatic playdate picture! I'm sure Hadley was grinning not long after that was taken :)

John Noon said...

Great memories for everyone!