Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Noon's First Photo Shoot

Well, no one can accuse Baby Noon of being shy...or lazy. BN was swimming all over the place during the 18-week ultrasound. Here are some of the best shots:

Here is Baby Noon's cute-as-can-be profile at 18 weeks.

Baby Noon's footprint looks awfully large to us,
but we frankly have no idea what a fetus' footprint should
look like, so who knows?

By the end of the ultrasound, when the tech needed to check for cleft palate, BN had its chin tucked firmly into its chest and was not having it. So our tech APOLOGIZED as she asked us to come back for another ultrasound in two weeks. Um, are you kidding? We'd be happy to come back every day for more pics of the baby, if they'd only let us. Sigh. That baby is cute!

So, while we still don't know if or when we are sharing the baby's gender while it's still in utero, we do want to see what YOUR hunch is. Take a second, indulge us, and
register your vote in the sidebar to the right.


Kristoffer Welsien & Lisa Mueller Welsien said...

What is my prize if I "win" at guessing Baby Noon's gender? Like, free babysitting for a year? No wait, that would be a prize for you :)

I have to say that I think Baby Noon is truly her mommy's daughter, as she is already quite a natural poser for photo shoots! You must be so proud!

I am infinitely happy for your growing family. Love you, Lis (currently stateside)

LWF said...

As I said the night before Noonette first photo shoot, I think she'll be a Jessica Simpson-esque model, posing for the ultrasound paparazzi. Just waiting for the Us Weekly cover of her to come out. Lots of love to you. XOXO, Leah

Joanna said...

Sorry, Lis, there's no prize except the glory of being right. (If you are in fact right, that is!)

Le, I love that you called it "ultrasound paparazzi"--especially because it really will be that way when BN goes back for its second photo shoot in two weeks! Gotta learn how to live in the spotlight in this family...

Anonymous said...

Since Dave's parents had two girls, and Joanna's one, the logical choice would be girl... which is why I'm voting boy! Nooner Jr. on his way.

thegoodelife said...

I love your family blog and am looking forward to many picture posting of Baby Noonette. Either a Nooner or Noonette, this baby better get ready.....Lights, Camera, Action!

Grandpop said...

I performed a very scientific analysis to determine Baby Noon's gender. I scaled the family tree, polled the oldest members of the tribe and conducted the most accurate scientific research possible - I flipped a coin. We will welcome a Noonette in September. Grandpop

kaibob said...

THe name I pick for the baby is Brady Ditka Noon. Named after Joanna's favorite football team the Patriots and after Daves favorite team Da Bears.