Friday, March 19, 2010

Future Daughter-in-Law

Will and his girl Kenley have a very special relationship.

He lets her push him down and grab his toys...
she lets him hug and kiss her, point out the pattern on her shirt.

Kenley's mother Nikki and I say the same thing
over and over:

"This will be in the photo montage
at the wedding."

or: "We'll talk about this in our reception toasts."

I just hope the grandkids get her dimple.


Anonymous said...

My jealousy is off the charts. Can Ry make the Best Man speech?

Joanna said...

Oh, absolutely. Ry is the obvious choice!

Ceci said...

How am I going to break this to Connor? He lost out on the girl and he's out of the running for best man, what's left?

Bee said...

Does Kenley have a little sister for Connor? Will picked a cutie pie - love her hair!