Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend

This was our July 4th--a wonderful chaos.

But first, a backlog of photos from the beginning of summer:

Will eating lunch at Connor's

Connor and Will in the pool

The boys take turns (!!) on the John Deere

What can I say? They really love holding hands.

The following photos are from this weekend:

Connor and Will at an impromptu cookout at Connor's house;
this is early in the evening.

Later, they sat side-by-side in high chairs and
Connor shrieked while Will laughed hysterically.
Then Connor tried to feed Will watermelon--
Will announced that "Connor cup fall down."
They might be a little loud for the grownups sometimes,
but they sure do get a kick out of each other.

We also did the pool with Bella and Joe Joe this weekend.
Will was really excited to hang with his big cousins,
and Finn had a nice time kickin' it (literally) in the baby pool.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Joanna,

Great post, and sorry for always being so loud and rowdy. Will and I are just good buddies and we like to get each other fired up! Thanks for letting him have so many playdates with me.

Love, Connor

Bee said...

I see Will isnt a huge fan of wearing a shirt. Could it be b/c his dad used to make him bathe in one?
I love the pictures! Connor and Will look like best buddies - so adorable!