Monday, January 17, 2011

Finny Turns One

My Finny turned one today. Although I've been referring to him as a one-year-old for almost a month, it still startles me that now it's real.

I haven't written here for a month. It's been too crazy, and I'm writing in my new one-line-a-day journals for each kid, and I never have time or access to type during the day. Or night. I'm too busy because my boys are SO. BUSY.

My hope was to make this post all about my younger son, but the reality is, Finn won't have the same undivided blog attention that Will enjoyed. So...this is what Finn's been up to (and what his big brother's been doing, too):

We went to Edaville to ride the steam train.
We celebrated Christmas in Boston...
 we celebrated Christmas in New Jersey.

 Finn dive-bombed cousin Brendan!

 He got tickled by Grandmom.

Will went ice skating for the first time!

 Back to the birthday boy: we celebrated early in Jersey.

 Will triked with Finny on the back, and then:

 they switched places.

 We survived a two-plus-foot blizzard.

  With Nan and Mamp.

And Finny turned one.

He's a wonderful boy with a great personality. Easily amused, quickly indignant, rapidly distracted. He's begun to say (versions of) "Up" and "Baby" and "Please." Unlike Will, who sits up after a nap and starts in with the questions, Finn takes thirty minutes to wake up. In that time, he crashes into my chest, nuzzles my neck, rests on me while he regains his land legs. He's constantly working on how to be even more mobile, which can be...inconvenient.  

But he's dimpled and chubby and busy and happy and still my little baby--no matter what the calendar says.


The Welsien Family said...

Happy Birthday, Finny! Hope it was a great day! Thanks for sharing such great pictures of what you've been up to.

Kerry Mahoney said...

I can't believe Finn is 1 already! Looking forward to celebrating with him (and you guys). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of the cousins standing in line by age :)