Sunday, May 29, 2011

Barn Babies, Barn Babies, Here on the Field...*

Will is an animal lover of the highest order. Dave and I have had to coach him from an early age NOT to go nose-to-nose with every dog and cat he meets, and Will talks to them with Doolittlean ease: "Sully [our neighbor's cat], I'm gonna go inside and put on my Crocs, okay, Sully? I'll be right back."

So clearly we jumped at the chance to get to a Barn Babies event at a park down the street from our house. I told Will that if he loved Barn Babies (where you get to sit in pens with lambs and piglets and hold swaddled kittens in your lap), we could invite them to our house for his third birthday party in September.

I might as well put the deposit in now, right? Here are some other shots, including Finny and Will's "longtime" playgroup friends Abby and Connor.

*Whenever I hear "Barn Babies," I can't get that "Beach Baby" song out of my head. I definitely spent too much time listening to Oldies 103 as a small child.

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The Welsien Family said...

Cute post and great pics. I have the same feeling about Oldies 103. When I was home in the US however, I turned it on the car (after seeing you actually!) and it was playing U2 Joshua tree. Not exactly what I consider to be OLDIES!