Tuesday, June 10, 2008

63% of You...

...were wrong!


While Dave won't let me post the "revealing" photos online (you all know I would have no problem doing so!), we were given a very clear view of the telltale body part at both of our ultrasound visits. Dave and I were both so overwhelmed with the news after that first appointment that we stumbled onto the elevator as we left and rode it up two floors...before realizing we had entered the building on the ground floor and didn't need to use the elevator at all! We were definitely in a daze.

To make 63% of you feel better, out of my eight students, only one predicted it would be a boy. The rest were shocked to discover they had guessed wrong, and one girl even lamented, "I can't believe it!" before asking, "Are you sure, Miss?" My class is also being very protective of me, refusing to let me lift even the smallest object (which drives me nuts) and reminding me to drink water, "Like the doctor told you!" As much as I am looking forward to the summer, I will really miss them when school ends next week.

As for Baby Boy Noon, we do have some front-runners in the naming process, but we'll be keeping that under wraps until the newest Nooner makes his debut. We have to keep something a secret from all of you!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't wait to see you guys next month.

Laura said...


JLY just told me the great news about your pregnancy...CONGRATS to you and Dave! And how exciting to know that it's a "Nooner!" You look wonderful! Much love to you and your parents!

LKM (laurakm@gmail.com)