Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Large and In Charge

Happy six months of gestation, Baby Noon!

In honor of this milestone, I am posting pictures of Baby Noon's ever-growing home...my big belly. And yes, the "It's A ______" post is coming later tonight!

Two months along (8 weeks). I look like I am a giant. Thanks for being too lazy to stand up and take the picture, Dave!

Three months down the path (12 weeks). Mini-bump? Check.

Four months (16 weeks) and lookin' chubby! (In a good way.)

Five months (20 weeks), halfway there!

Yesterday, at six months (24 weeks). Alright, NOW I'm pregnant! What was that baby eating between five and six months? Geez! But, to be fair, below are some photos NOT taken directly after I ate a four-course (veggie) sushi meal followed by a J.P. Licks caramel sundae!

Note how sleepy I look in the morning. Let's just say the baby does NOT sleep when I want to!