Saturday, September 6, 2008

Belle & Joe Visit

We got a visit from our niece and nephew last weekend, and we got to show off our new digs. My sister brought over breakfast, and we had a great time hosting the kids and seeing the house through their eyes. Of course, no visit from Bella and Joe-Joe is complete without at least one game of "Whoopee" (Dave twirls Joe in the air until he shouts "Too high!" or "Too scary!") and one round of "Spider-niece" (pretty self-explanatory once you see the pictures below).

There was also a little time for the mouse game, which is too hard to explain here; suffice it to say, the mouse game was the cause of all the giggling going on:

The kids also gave us ideas about how to use our outdoor patio area--even if they aren't great at keeping their flip-flops on, they are still cute and helpful!

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