Monday, December 21, 2009

More Favorites from the Will Files

1. My new remote control fire engine,
thanks to Aunt Jean, Uncle John, cousins Megan & Michael.

2. Pretending the monitor is a phone
(from the Zack Morris era, perhaps?)
and saying "Ohh?"with it held to his ear.

3. Maxin', relaxin', all cool--with his fly half-unzipped.
(Ahem, you might want to go one size larger, sir.)

4. His makeshift pajamas:
a combination of cousin Joe's
hand-me-down "HUNK" shirt
and some flowy parachute-style bottoms.

5. Frozen blueberries,
for the soothing of emerging molars.

Or did a squid just explode in my mouth?
Who can tell?

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