Thursday, February 11, 2010

Three 1/2 Weeks

He eats, sleeps, eats, repeats. Sometimes we turn on the microwave fan and jostle him for a minute or two...and then he sleeps. Every day he spends a little time studying our fingers or his big brother's face.

Will still calls him "Goo Goo" and rushes to pet his hair and kiss his feet.
"Nose!" he says, jabbing at Finn's face.

And what a face it is.


Kerry Mahoney said...

Great pics!!! I admit I'm one of those townspeople who is hungry for photos. They are too cute!

little miss mel said...

So sweet!!! What a doll. :) And Will. Love seeing him discover his brother. :)

Erin said...

Hey Joanna and Dave! Congrats on the newest edition, he is adorable. Will looks like a little grown-up next to him, I cannot believe how old he is now! Miss you guys, hope to see the whole family soon!! xoxo Erin

The Welsien Family said...

What a face indeed! A beautiful one! What a sweet little boy you have. So happy for you and so happy to see more of him :)

Bee said...

Oh, he is so precious! I'm so glad Will is loving being a big brother. Keep the pictures (and stories) coming! Give the boys kisses!
xoxo, Bee

Anonymous said...

And what a face, is right!!! That last picture with his hands up by his face is so sweet!!! He looks so yummy I could just eat him up! Can't wait to get to see all of my favorite Noons soon - so happy you are all doing well and already talking about playgroup again!