Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Percy, Too!"

Will is a trains, planes and automobiles kind of guy, so it was no surprise when he started talking about Thomas the Tank Engine nonstop. We found an event called Day Out with Thomas, hosted by Edaville USA, a very toddler-friendly amusement park about an hour south of us in Carver.

We started talking about our trip a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday it seemed to dawn on Will that his trip to see Thomas was imminent.

"See...Thomas...wake up!" he would say, and "Give...Thomas...big hug!"

We went to meet Thomas today, and let me tell you, he lived up to the hype! See for yourself:

All (two of you) who are interested in watching me and Will go on a flying elephant ride (hi, Mom and Dad) for a minute and twenty seconds, this one's for you!

Five-month-old Finn had a pretty nice time riding the trains, too:

When denied access to the Ferris wheel due to height restrictions, Will said he was "Really. Really. Sad," in a mournful voice. But overall, the mood was "So! Happy!"--that's what he spontaneously shouted as he clapped his hands and ran for the Merry-Go-Round. When we asked him if he was having fun with Thomas, Will would nod and say, "Yeah. Percy, too." Will even got to pose with Thomas, and he made sure to give his beloved a kiss before heading home.


The Welsien Family said...

I remember going with my brother's family to the same "Day out with Thomas" somewhere in Illinois for Nathan's 2nd birthday. So cute! Grace is getting into Thomas these days too...she shouts "choo choo" when she wants to watch the Thomas DVD. I wonder if the carnival travels to Kenya? The boys are looking great!

Anonymous said...

I'm not mom or dad and I watched all three videos! Looks like an awesome day, lets plan one soon where Connor and Ceci can join Will and Joanna on the elephants! Glad both Noon boys had a great time. Actually sounds like the big Noon boy did too, even though we could only hear his voice on the videos.


Bee said...

Add me to list! I watched all three videos! The boys are getting so big! It looks like you all had such a great time! Cannot wait to see you guys in September!